Beauty is a nature well that means whatever you already have that is beauty. Often beauty, something that is beautiful in nature or in some natural environment. It's true that no one is perfect in this world at every stage but it is also true that you may hide your flows, faults and imperfections by your perfections. Beauty also calls physical appearance; see physical attraction, prettiness, grace, charm and loveliness it can be in any of thing person, place, animal, or object. Beauty is an entity which is admired. Conceptually beauty leads to feelings, attraction, and emotional well-being.

Well for beauty here is just to say that beauty is in the eyes of beholder. While many of women have inferior complex in their selves with such of thinking's that they are not beautiful. But they should start believing on that each woman is beautiful and that beauty is in her inner self if you smile that is beauty, you think positive that is beauty, you have an ability to make moments pleasant that is beauty, so search it, love it, and live it. Black is also beautiful culture movement sought to dispel this nation.

So we should be enough to saying that dark complexion is not a beauty if you will worth yourself so obviously one day you will find those people who will worth you and worth of your that beauty to which you consider and treat like a complex. The character of any person in the individual way can be included in beauty if it is positive. Natural beauty better than constructed beauty. Many of cultures require beauty more than talent which is a big loose of those cultures if they do not believe that beauty needs an enhancement so they will lose million of talents which might be discouraged in this was those talents are also included in beauty and better than visible one.

Beauty presents a slandered of comparison and it cause of dissatisfaction when not achieved. However a person may target harassment because of the society unwelcoming attitude who refuse to accept and think towards they deem and un attractive. It is a big fault of people of this era that they think they can judge person just by a physical appearance if they will change this perception no one would have an inferior complex nor they will discourage their self because their inner beauty gets fog sake of our few of critic and restrict perceptions about beauty. But we will have to accept that.... "Beauty is truth and truth is Beauty"

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