Lady Gaga Hairstyles

Lady Gaga hairstyles are colorful and styled in an unusual manner. All her hairstyles look textured and are created artistically. If you are a person who want to show her creativity then you can get inspiration from Lady Gaga hairstyles. Some of the prominent features of hairstyles of Lady Gaga are discussed below.
Using hair as accessory
Lady Gaga has been wearing hairstyle with extra hair. She used to wear hair as accessory to create various shapes. She has completely changed the trend of conventional hairstyles because she has is pioneer of introducing some innovative hairstyles. You might have seen her wearing hair bow, Frisbee hat, purple hair and hair cone. Most of the hairstyles worn by here are difficult to create at home but you can get inspiration for this hairstyle. You can buy accessories that are made of hair to utilize them to create various shapes. You might also require help of a hair stylist to create the hairstyle of Lady Gaga.

Unusual looks with geometric style
Some of the innovative and creative hairstyles are created by staying away from traditional hairstyles the geometric hairstyles look even on one side and uneven on the other side. These hairstyles can also be styled with small bangs. One of the popular Lady Gaga hairstyles with geometric style is known as Mohawk hairstyle. This hairstyle is cut into different lengths and styled with different hair colors. She has worn this hairstyle with edgy cuts and vibrant colors.

Another geometric hairstyle worn by Lady Gaga is known as geometric bob. She created the hairstyle with shorter hair on one side and longer hair on the other side. Bangs were placed on the front.

Braids and colors
Lady Gaga has also worn some ultra-stylish and innovative hairstyles with braids. If you want to get her hairstyles without any professional assistance then you can get the hairstyle with black hair along with colored bangs. Different colors like purple, yellow and blue can be used to make various combinations for braid. All these colors will manipulate the braid especially the French braid.

Lady gaga hair bow
This is one the popular hairstyles of Lady Gaga that can be created at home by following these steps.

1.    Take a fabric and pace it on the flat surface and start folding it lengthwise. Fix the folds with glue.

2.    The ends of the fabric must be folded to meet them at the center.

3.    Fix them with glue and wait until glue is cooled.

4.    Tie the fabric into a knot. This knot must be placed in the center of the bow.

5.    Glue it to the hair band.

Lady gaga has worn this bow on the side of head. You can also wear on the side or in the center.

lady gaga hairstyles hairstyles lady gaga

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