Reese Witherspoon Hair

Reese witherspoon hair has set a new trends for hairstyles. She has sleek hair that is cut into long layers with bangs across the forehead. The length of her hair is maintained just below the shoulders. Her hair stylists give her long and soft layers around the face. Her bags fall at the eyebrows and forehead.

Sleek hairstyle
You can re-create the sleek hairstyle of Reese at your home. Start with washing and drying your hair. Apply styling gel to damp hair. Make sections of hair and start using flat iron. You will get super smooth hairstyle like that of Reese Witherspoon.

Messy bun
A formal reese witherspoon hair style is made with messy bun. Follow these steps to get the look.

Step 1: Dampen your hair and comb them to remove tangles. Take styling gel and rub it with your hands to apply on hair evenly.

Step 2: Gather all the hair at the back to make a high ponytail. Dot use a comb to gather hair for ponytail. Gathering with hands will help you in making a loose and messy bun. Secure the ponytail with elastic band. If you have long bangs then pull them into ponytail otherwise leave then as they are.

Step 3: Hold the ponytail and pull it straight in upward direction. Start twisting it until it begins coiling downward on its own. Wrap this twisted ponytail around the elastic band. The ponytail needs to be secured with bobby pins because you have twisted it.

Step 4: Your bangs also need to be styled. Comb and tease them to add height. Apply hairspray to the roots and pull them gently toward the bun. Add height to bangs by pushing them forward and secure with bobby pins. You will get puffy bangs for the hairstyle.

Step 5:
Hair accessories can be added to the hairstyle such as a head band around the bangs or a flower to the bun. The long ends of the hair can be tucked into the crown are to get the messy look. At the end, apply hair spray all over.

Side bun
Rese Witherspoon has also worn low side bun that looks beautiful and accentuated her features. This hairstyle is created easily with these steps.

Step 1: Brush your hair and remove tangles. Take styling gel into your hand and apply evenly on your hair. It must be applied from roots to the tips. Comb your hair to ensure it is distributed evenly.

Step 2: Now comb the hair in downward position by keeping heir on one shoulder. Basically, the side bun requires gathering of hair on the side that is opposite to hairline.

Step 3:
Tie the hair into a low ponytail and twist to make a bun.

Step 4: Secure the bun and decorate with flower.

reese witherspoon hair

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