Taylor Swift Hairstyles

Taylor swift hairstyles are styled into wavy locks that look luscious. Many girls want to copy her wavy hairstyle but then think that it can only be done at salon.

Wavy hairstyle
You can accrete the wavy Taylor swift hairstyles at home by using simple styling gel. It is not even necessary to use heat for this hairstyle. She has been wearing spiral hair that was popular in 1970s. If you get chemical treatments then you can get frizzy hair. The method we are going to use o cerate the Taylor swift hairstyles do not require any heat.

Things required: You need to have wide toothed comb, styling gel, and hair clips to accrete this hairstyle.

Styling: This hairstyle can be being created by making braids. Waves are obtained when braids are undone. It can work for those who have naturally wavy hairs o that hairs do not look frizzy and over dried

Steps to style:

Step 1: Get layered haircut
It is essential to get a layered haircut before you start styling Taylor’s hairstyle. This step is necessary because if you are wearing straight haircut then waves will not be created randomly. Since waves of Taylor are randomly placed due to layers therefore, you need to get layered haircut.  You can also get gentle layers at home. Bend you head and brush the hair. Gather the hair and make twist them tightly at the left. Now cut half inch of hair.  Similarly twist the hair tightly to right and cut half inch. After this cutting, wash and dry your hair with towel.

Step 2: Using styling products
Styling gel is used to add lift to hair. You need to apply styling gel to damp hair. Make sure it is evenly applied and then comb the hair to remove any tangles. You will feel extra lift is added to your hair. Keep on combing the hair with wide toothed comb and make the hair look slicked back. Your hair must be damp at this step.

Step 3: Make braids
Now you need to make braids on both the sides. The braids must be made when the hair is damp and slicked back. One braid must be created at the back and two on the sides. This can be done by dividing hair into three equal sections. The braids should be tight and started close to the scalp. When you are finished creating the braid don’t use a rubber band to secure it. Curl the ends and secure them with hair pins. Let the hair dry naturally.

Step 4: Waves are created
After your hair is dried, remove the hair pins and uncoil the braid. You can part the front hair on the side and comb waves gently. This is how you can create wavy hairstyle at home.

taylor swift new hairstyles

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