Fashion, what should we call it? A trend? A life style or just following the happening around one's self? Whatever we call it, we have to acknowledge the fact that this word has now become a vital part of our lives. It is basic instinct of human beings to look good yet look different from everyone around them, this basic instinct was the sole reason of developing a sense of clothing, different designs in clothing and later on the matching or contrasting accessories and footwear joined the league of a fashion wear. Generally people think that who so ever is following the latest trend, is someone fashionable, but if we look at the history, even in the ice or for that matter Stone Age, the way of binding leaves in order to dress up had some scent of fashion in it. Following that, day by day, year by year and then centuries went by, the man kind developed new ways of dressing up and then this trend was then given the name, Fashion.

In the early ages, clothing and accessories were something which was custom made, it was usually made in a singular number for individuals who could afford, until the mid 18th or the start of 19th century when it grew as an industry, giving jobs to millions and developing brands. At the present time, there are numerous fashion brands which are known as the icon of fashion world. Majorly providing services to celebrities and big shots of modern day. Along with this there are many inexpensive brands as well offering their services to masses making the trend following, affordable. Generally speaking, when we talk about the term fashion, people usually interpret this as following the trend around them, but the actual soul of fashion is adopting a design or trend that makes one look good. Everything is not trend and not every trend makes you look good, thus one has to be very choosy and conscious about what to wear and what not to adopt.

Another thing that we can or is supposedly known fashion is, one's behavior, no matter if its one's way of talking, interacting with other people or for that matter going to hot spots on town, this whole is a part of today's fashion league. When talking about following trend or adopting fashion, adoptability is one of the major concerns. Many people may or may not follow a trend because their religion or society may or may not allow them to do so but still, as said earlier, this is a basic instinct to look good and different, so people found out different ways to be called or known fashionable, to quote an example, many Muslim women adopted different styles of ABAYA (a religious clothing for Muslim women).

That to be said, as an ending note, it will not be wrong to say that fashion is something without which, an individual cannot even think of his or her life these days.

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