Fashion 2012

Year 2012 has been a year of colors. Fashion runways were filled with models carrying bright colored laces, glittery tops, shorter short-pants and funky striped patterns. We still see 70s inspired jeans and even skinny ones with colorful hues. Bikinis are replaced by one-piece swimsuits and metallic basics are the in-thing in 2012.

Fashion trends have also seen colorful shoes and fearless combination of bright tones in handbags. Wacky and full of color floral prints have also made a huge appearance in the 2012 fashion scene. Color blocking mixed with print pieces has also been in the limelight in Paris Fashion Week and in other European fashion shows.

Here is a list of some fashion trends that will get you a cheer from the crowd like a runway model.

Color Blocking

2012 fashion runways during summers and winters were so full of color that we can compare them with the crowd at Lady Gaga concerts. Color pieces add bold looks to dresses like cardigans and skirts. Wrap dresses and demure one- piece suits also had a new look with these blocks of bright colors. The tip is to use maximum of three colors as overdoing it would give a more girly rainbow-bright look.


Tommy Hilfiger, Edun and Jason Wu clothing are sporting chic kind of cool anoraks. We will rate them a win-win in spring and summer rains to give you a cool-girl look. If you want to display a sporty vibe in 2012, it's a promise that anoraks will help you achieve the goal.

Bold Prints

2012 is the year of bold prints with vibrant colors, swirls and styled patterns that swayed down the runways. Though we are full of options, mirror like shapes, geometric patterns, floral and parrot prints made fashion statements this year. They go great with simple black pants and blazers.

Tangerine Tango

Tangerine became the most popular color of the year right before New York Fashion Week. What can be an easier fashion choice than to wear one color and look stylish? However, if tangerine is not your color, you can wear any citrus color of your choice.

Futuristic Prints

In 2012 we have seen swirling graphics and pixilated prints which shows that a lot of photoshop work has being going on. So if you are tired of the classic patterns, go for a more futuristic print and make a fashion statement that will not go out of style.


Although camos usually feel heavy duty, this year's lady like versions with pastel colors make them a top fashion trend. Great thing is that they go with absolutely everything. Now you will find your friends calling you to approve their closets and shopping splurges.

Metallic Basics

Go metallic in 2012 by wearing slim trousers, heel loafers and wrap skirts any time of the day. They even come in emerald greens and shiny bronze which will win you spotlight on the dance floor and make you THE fashion chic of 2012.

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