Fashion 2014

Fall is about to come and people are looking for the new fall 2014 fashion trends. If you are one of those people then congratulations, you are at the right place. Women love shopping, and as the fall approaches they like to spend their time in malls looking for the new trends. But if you have the knowledge about what is going to be the fall 2014 fashion trend, then you will know the right place to shop and you will be able to get the hottest outfits as soon as they hit the racks.

Fall 2014 fashion outfits are cozy and at the same time stylish. Most of the items that you need for fall 2014 fashion are already in your closet and you do not need to spend a lot of money on making your closet ready once again. One of the items, which is going to be the part of your closet in fall 2014, is scarf. Scarfs of all lengths and colors are back in trend. You can either roll it around your neck to keep it warm, or you can simply let it flow from your shoulder. You can also tie your scarf around your waist and use it as a belt.

Another important thing for fall 2014 fashion is boots. You need to match your boots with your belt or scarf. Long boots are as usual in trend. You can wear long fur boots with a fur coat. Or you can wear brown or black leather long boots with overcoats.

One of the new thing that is going to be in the fall 2014 fashion trends is animals. I mean animals of all kind particularly birds will be embroidered, collaged or printed on all type of outfits. The color of fall 2014 fashion is “gray”, which is a good news as it is a neutral color and complements all other colors. So whatever you wear give it a little bit of gray, in terms of belts and boots or simply a gray handbag that goes with your outfit.

Fall 2014 fashion will surely include robe coats and pastel coats. Robe coats of all colors, sizes and fabrics were are a part of fashion week 2014 and it is going to be a part of fall 2014 fashion. Robe coats are comfortable and cozy and at the same time they provide a sense of royalty and luxury. Pastel coats are still not out of fashion you can pair your pastel coats with matching color of long boots and you are ready for the fall 2014

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