Spring 2014 Fashion

Towards the end of the winter as the weather warms up, you feel like changing to a lighter fabric. In this way the search for the spring 2014 fashion starts. Spring 2014 fashion collection features dresses that are neither to warm nor too cold, or the dresses that can be made warmer with the addition of some tank beneath them. Following is a simple guide to spring 2014 fashion which describes what you should wear as the weather changes from cold to warm.

Spring Fashion 2014  Spring fashion 2014

Your best friend in spring 2014 fashion is a blouse. Blouses made up of lighter material are best for spring. You can go for fabrics like light cotton or linen. Blouses made up of chiffon are also getting trendier in spring 2014 fashion. Depending on the cut blouses can be worn to any type of event ranging from casual to formal. One other thing that should be kept in mind while buying spring blouses is that they should be in a loose fit so that they let your skin breath. In this way you will be cozy and comfortable while being classy and gorgeous. But buying a loose fit top doesn’t mean that it should be baggy or oversized.

As the trees get brighter in the spring, so does the color of you cloths too. In the start of spring you should concentrate on pastel colors and when the summer starts you can go for brighter colors. Floral printed tops are one of the best designs of spring 2014 fashion as they pay tribute to the sweet smelling flowers of the spring. Spring is all about flowers and greenery. Spring means life. So you cloths should also depict the essence of spring. Leave the dark and neutral colors of winter and start wearing the bright colors of life.

Spring Fashion 2014   Spring fashion 2014

Spring 2014 fashion demands you to keep some short sleeve t-shirts handy. T-shirts can be worn to a casual event with friends or when you are not in a mood to spend a lot of time on dressing up. And when combined with a proper layering top they can be worn to a semi-formal event like dinner too. They give you a confident look with comfort and coziness.

Spring 2014 fashion also include tunic tops. Tunic top are those that extends down to you mid-thigh. To give them a touch of spring try buying some backless tunics. Or if the weather is a bit cold, then you can wear them with a tank beneath it.
Making long story short, spring 2014 fashion allows you to experiment with all type of dresses. You can try all types of cut. The weather is neither too hot nor too cold so you can mix the summer and winter clothing. In this sense spring 2014 fashion is the coolest as compared to other seasons.


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