As we are in the middle of 2012 and people are sick of their monotonous routine and want to change their style and appearance. Since half year has already passed by and people served their most of the energy in work and ambitions it's now time to take some days off and relax, so what can be better than a complete makeover, just beat the heat with a complete change in your appearance whether it's your same old boring wardrobe, or the hairstyles you always carry. Hairstyles and wardrobe are the two main components of makeover. Today we will just focus on the hairstyle that can really make a difference and help you to look unique and pretty at the same time.

Sleek and straight:

Straight and sleek hairs are always rare to find, they look extremely beautiful and out of the world. If you have natural straight hairs than blow dry can help you to achieve the sleek and dead straight hairs, while vitamin E serums can help to achieve shine in your hairs. Straighter could also be used for the same purpose but don't forget to apply heat resistive serum before using the straighter, to avoid the damage.

Volumized hairs:

Healthy hairs always look pretty. 2012 is all about thick and volumized hairs. Serums should be applied that gives body to the hairs big round brush should be used to give the affect of volume and body to the hairs.


Bangs are again in fashion this season; they look equally good on left open hairs or tied hairs. Different styles of bangs that are in these days are side bangs and straight bangs above the eyebrows. Bangs can also be highlighted in low of high lights for a chic and trendy appearance.


Curls are the hottest hairstyle this season, these are being flaunted everywhere now a days whether it's a business conference or a date. For loose curls apply moose and smudge the hairs while for tight curls use a hairspray to make them firm.

French hairstyle:

Since it's extremely hot these days, the world is becoming hot day by day due to global warming, people prefer tied up hairs to avoid the heat. Make a simple French braid or a fish braid and you are ready for the day, although tying up may require time but it keeps you safe all day long from sun and heat.

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