Long Hairstyles 2012

Girls who are blessed with long hair are lucky because they can find so many hairstyles for their long hair. The long hair can be worn down or up. There are some useful tips for long hairstyles 2012 so that you can make a gorgeous style.

long hairstyles 2012 2012 long hairstyles

Importance of nutritious for long hair

Health of hair is directly affected by what you eat. Therefore, you must make sure that you eat healthy diet that has a good balance of vitamins, minerals and other nutrition that are required for healthy hair. It is said that healthy hair require proteins, fatty acids, vitamin A, C, E, C, B12 and B6, calcium, zinc and omega 3. The rood that contain good amount of protein include seafood (including tuna, fish, sardines, oysters, salmon, herring) eggs, fish, tuna, chicken, beef and beans. In order to get vitamins you must eat fresh fruits and vegetables.
A healthy lifestyle will not only result in good health but also healthy and shiny hair. You should do regular exercise, sleep well, do not smoke or drink to get healthy hair.

Hair care for long hairstyles 2012

You need to care your hair on every day basis. This is the only way to maintain the long length of your hair. You should avoid washing hair daily instead wash them thrice a week. You can create gorgeous long hairstyles 2012 only if you use a conditioner after washing your hair. A conditioner makes your hair manageable and soft. There are many deep conditioning treatments available in beauty salons that can ensure good health of your long hair. Some other hair care tips for long hair require you to let your hair dry naturally instead of using blow dryer. You can also use a towel for this purpose but rub it gently against your hair so that hair breakage is avoided. It is not healthy to comb your hair white they are wet. Let the hair dry so that you can comb them.

Styling long hair

There are many styling tips for long hairstyles 2012. If you want to make a hairstyle for formal event then a bun or chignon is the best choice. Buns give a classic look to the wearer and can be created easily after making a simple ponytail. The bun can be created in a messy style or tight high style. One can use matching accessories to the bun to make it look prominent. One of the simplest buns can be created by teasing the hair and sweeping it on the lower back side of the head. Make a ponytail of and twist it to make a bun. Secure the bun and add apply hair spray. This hairstyles can be worn all types of occasions for getting beautiful looks.

long hair styles 2012 long 2012 hairstyles

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