Short Curly Hairstyles 2012

Short hairstyles are fun and easy to manage. These hairstyles are popular among women who cannot manage long hair. Short curly hairstyles 2012 are designed in such a way that women can easily style them. There are different cuts used for getting short hair such as precision cut, layered cut and razor cut. Short curly hairstyles 2012 give a bold appearance to wearer. The face can be made to look slim by getting a full length short haircut. It will also hide the sides to make you look bold. Some of the hairstyles can be curled at the sides to frame the face around cheeks. It will make the face look round. The short hairstyle need to be chosen carefully.

short curly hairstyles 2012 curly short hairstyles 2012

Pixie cut: It is one of the short curly hairstyles 2012 for women that give bold and daring looks. This hairstyle has been popular since ages. It is cut in such a way that facial features are accentuated especially the jawline. Hence, women with oval and square faces can wear this hairstyle. Women with round faces should avoid wearing pixie cut. Today hair stylists also give a sleek and edgy pixie cut to women for bolder looks.
Bob cut: The bob cut is one of the short curly hairstyles 2012 that can give classic as well as modern looks. Hair stylists have modified the traditional bob cut with latest cut so that modern woman can get a new hairstyle.  The modern bob cut can be cut at chin length to wear sleek and straight hairstyle. Many women find this hairstyle difficult to maintain while others believe that it is the easiest manageable hairstyle. Bob cut can be worn for straight as well as curly hair. The short curly hairstyles 2012 for bob cut can be worn by worn by women having naturally curly or straight hair. Women with straight hair need to curl their hair. The curled bob cut must be extended outward for enhancing facial features.
Rules of short curly hair: There are some rules to maintain and create short curly hairstyles 2012. First of all, you must use shampoo and conditioner that can tame the natural curls. It must also make the curls soft and manageable. After you have washed you hair and dried them with a towel you need to use a good amount of styling gel to hair. The styling gel will ease the process of styling the curly hair. Secondly, use your fingers to style the hair and set the curls as you want. Don’t forget to apply anti frizz lotion to prevent frizzy hair.  Thirdly, curly hair needs moisture because they can easily become dried and look wild. The last rue is to apply hair spray whenever you are finished creating any of the curly hairstyle. It will keep the curly hair in place and you can wear the hairstyle for longer.

curly short hair styles 2012 short curly hair styles 2012

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