Hairstyles 2013

Hairstyles 2013




Mens or women wishes to stand out wither his/her personality, dressing and hairstyle. A latest hairstyle is easy to wear by mixing it with different cuts, colors and lengths. Hairstyles 2013 for womes have different cool, fun and punk looks. Some modern and fun hairstyles include:

 Emo hairstyles

As mentioned earlier, hairstyles 2013 are fun and playful with uneven and edgy haircuts. Emo hairstyles feature extreme edgy haircuts with bright colors. These hairstyles are styled for short and long hair. Teenager must know if he/she can wear emo hairstyle. A razor cut will define the ends of hair giving a perfect edgy hairstyle.

Typically, emo hairstyles 2013 are not cut evenly. These hairstyles are combined with different colors. Usually, black color is preferred for crown hair.

 Scene hairstyles

Hairstyles 2013 Hairstyles 2013

 Hairstyles 2013 are characterized with unique and scene styles. These hairstyles are the soft version of emo hairstyles. Teenagers are inclined towards these scene hairstyles due to the bright colors, innovative styles and unique hair texture. Usually, a choppy layered haircut is required to wear scenehairstyles 2013. This layered haircut must be face framing and fringes or bangs should cover at least one eye. Bright highlights or streaks bring more fun to the scene hairstyle. Straight hair is necessary for wearing scene hairstyle with highlights.

 Preppy hairstyles

Hairstyles 2013 Hairstyles 2013

 There are some preppy hairstyles 2013for those who don’t like emo hairstyles. Teenage girls opting for soft hairstyles must get a long layered haircut. This long hairstyle is flipped out for a preppy look. In fact, these hairstyles 2013are a great choice for wavy hair. Teenage boys can choose cropped hairstyles that need a little styling product.

 Curly hairstyles

Hairstyles 2013 Hairstyles 2013

  Many teenagers are troubled with their naturally curly hair. The preppy hairstyles 2013 offer freedom of styling with curly hair. A classic curly hairstyle needs a layered haircut for well definition and fullness. The hair length should reach shoulders so that extra weight is pulled down. Curly hairstyles are made playful with brown, ash blonde and brunette colors. Oval and round face shapes are ideal for these curly hairstyles.

 Straight hairstyles

Hairstyles 2013 Hairstyles 2013

 Straight hairstyles offer many preppy styles. Blonde hair needs to be enhanced with wispy ends. Straight hair must reach shoulders. The length should be neither too long nor too short. Dark hair should not be styled with additional texture so that hairstyle looks classic. Teenage girls must avoid bright highlights and colors for these hairstyles.

 Hairstyles for boys

Hairstyles 2013 Hairstyles 2013

 There are many preppy hairstyles for boys. These hairstyles need hair to be parted on the side. This hairstyle is achieved by parting hair above the eyebrow arch. Boys can create this hairstyle with wet hair by applying hairspray. The hair at the crown area and forehead is lifted and folded at the back. This results in wave like style. Blonde boys can wear this hairstyle in a better way due to light hair color. Boys who have dark or red hair color can get this hairstyle by using pomade instead of hairspray.

Boys with curly hair have many choices of hairstyles that are styled with pomade or styling gel. The length of curly hair should not exceed longer than shoulders otherwise hair looks puffy. Many teenage boys like wearing long hairstyles by pulling hair at the back to tie them into a ponytail or a regular braid.

 Lastly, all these fun hairstyles are the latest trends of 2013 and offer playful looks to teenagers.

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