Celebrity Hairstyles 2013

When it comes to updating one’s self for inspiration and an update on the latest fashion in vogue, celebrities are the ultimate personalities whom we look up to. Surfing the net and going through fashion magazines    bring to your knowledge what the celebrities are going for so that it becomes easy for the fashion maniacs to emulate them. The celebrity hairstyles 2013 have definitely been stamped towards the closing of the current year and it is lovely to see our favorite stars bathing in the realm of fashion in the most appealing manner.

celebrity hairstyles for 2013 celebrity hairstyles for 2013

The extreme pixie crop style is one of the trendiest and favorite hairstyle of the celebrities which is amazingly appealing for the modern fashionable lady. The diverse range of its styling techniques makes it all the more convenient to have. A perfect style for the summers too, the pixie is definitely a choice of many stars. Celebrity hairstyles 2013 also have in line the angled and asymmetrical short styles that are further made appealing by the use of dark shades of blonde, black and red. Miley Cyrus and Rihana are good examples to cite for this style.

The celebrity hairstyles 2013 also have the trend of signature hairstyles such as that of Victoria Beckham who has been a trend setter for many years. Her short new medium hairstyle that features   sharp razored cuts and angles is a highly inspiring hairstyle that will be in the run of the celebrity hairstyles 2013 with a massive demand. Short signature hairstyles also include the short dos hat trend as carried by Keri Hilson with heavy and choppy bangs as the prominent traits.

celebrity hairstyles for 2013 celebrity hairstyles for 2013

Since the color trend is pretty much an evident trait of the hairstyles in the coming year, the celebrity hairstyles 2013 too have many celebrities going for the wild hair shades. The wild two-toned (burgundy and orange) wild color bob is an impressively appealing trend. It offers a great class of modernism and uniqueness of style. Nicki Minaj and Katy Perry are the most prominent promoters of the wild color trend of the celebrity hairstyles 2013 which can go to the extreme of bizarre colors such as blue and even purple. The iconic medium layered style of Jennifer Anniston is yet another charmer of the celebrity hairstyles 2013 that follows the layers trend along with the blonde shade trend.

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