Worried about how to get your hair fixed from the front? There are millions of ways to give your hair the hottest look no matter how you wear them on your temple. Bangs are back in town with all new look and a great many choices to choose from, you name it and you see someone wearing it in the neighborhood, mall or Target store. It's all over the place again and it almost feels like it's never going out of fashion ever. So it's time that you try it on no matter what length hairstyle you have.

Side-swept Bangs:

These are fringes that are swept across half of your forehead to either lie on one eye or a little too short to rest just above your brow bone. This is the most common and totally fab to wear at just any occasion.


These are short bangs, more like the hairstyle that we see on little girls who just turned 5 or 6, resting on your eyebrows. They look great if they are thick enough to cover your whole temple.


These are bangs that are longer in the center of your forehead and are shorter as they narrow up the temple.


Bangs that are intentionally messy and parted easily. This hairstyle is much common for school girls as they are conscious about their hairstyles along with the increasing trends and fashion. Once you get fringes, side-swept or whichever, they grow in an uneven manner, you could it either this way or simply have the barber cut it in an uneven manner.

Other hairstyles to carry up front are also easy to wear and manage. Pulled back hairstyle is the most easygoing hairstyle ever for all you have to do is simply grow your front bangs (or whichever current hairstyle you wear) till they could be easily caught in from behind in your bobby pins. Set them tightly in a cross shape and pull it ahead a little to give some volume or do it before you set up your hair with the bobby pins once you get into practice of it. It's easy and the best hairstyle for working women to wear.

Another popular hairstyle is middle-part. What you could do to make your middle part funky is get it cut into bangs or layers first and then set it up with your flat iron to rest it on either sides of your temple. Curl them a little from the side-corner and you have a hairstyle that could knock off any guy on the street!

Wear these super-easy fronts up hairstyles and become swanky!

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