Braided Hairstyles

Braided hairstyles are manageable, easy to style and fun to wear. Braids need less time to style and can be worn for longer. In fact, braids are better styles as compared to updos.

braided hairstyles hairstyles braided

Styles of braids
Braided hairstyles are of different types and you can choose one of the styles. Some of the most popular style of braids includes:

1.    French braid: It is the type of braid that requires plaiting close to the scalp. The weaving of hair begins at top of the head. These braids are perfect for formal as well as every day wear.

2.    Straight braid: This braid is made with two plaits making it perfect for everyday wear. You can coil or twist it to get more versatile looks.

3.    Updo braid: These braids are styled with straight plaits or micro braids and then tied into an updo. The plaits look complicated but the hairstyle is quite elegant.

4.    Micro braid: These are small braids that are woven all around the head. You can wear this braided hairstyle for weeks without maintaining it.

   Sloppy braid: It in informal and simply type of braid.

Advantages of wearing braids
There are many benefits of wearing braids of different types.

1.    Braid keeps the hair secure and prevents them falling on face.

2.    These are the best hairstyle for those who cannot spare time to create various other hairstyles.

3.    Braids can be sued to create waves to hair.

4.    Briars do not need maintenance.

Choosing the right braided hairstyle
There are many factors that help you in choosing the best braided hairstyle. You must wear the braid that is comfortable. Many women like to make a braid at their own because they are comfortable with straight plaits. On the other hand, many women like intricate braids and visit salon to get the hairstyle.  Micro braids are popular among African women. Similarly, French braids are popular among young girls. You need to find the answers of basic questions in order to wear the best braided hairstyle.

1.    Will the braid suit your face shape? There are many braids that require pulling the front hair at the back and reveal the forehead. So women with wide forehead need to think about it.

2.    Is your hair healthy enough to be woven into braid?

3.    Do you enough time to create the braided hairstyle?

Some problem with braids
Not every woman likes to wear braided hairstyles because there are some problems with these hairstyles. The major problems related to braids include:

1.    Tight braids can cause hair breakage.

2.    Strands left out of braid are noticeable and you have to re-do the braid to cover the left strands.

3.    Braids cannot be created for short hair.

braided hair styles hair styles braided

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