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Pixie haircuts were considered to be masculine some years ago. But this was just a mistake because pixie is the true symbol of feminine style. There are many celebrities who used to wear pixie haircuts. These celebrities include Victoria Beckham, demi Moore, Rihanna and Halle Berry. It is a low maintenance haircut that helps in getting rid of damaged or spilt ends. When getting a pixie haircuts you must keep in mind some important considerations regarding your facial shape and hair type.

pixie haircuts haircuts pixie

What is a pixie cut?
Pixie haircuts are soft and feminine. These haircuts are cut close to the head so that facial features can be emphasized. Women who have small nose and beautiful lips and eyes must wear this haircut to balance out all the features.

If you going to wear a short haircut for the first time them pixie is right choice for you.  These haircuts are low maintenance but you might find it difficult to style with your naturally wavy or curly hair. In fact, it can work well on straight and thick hair. The classic pixie haircut was cut at a few inches of length but today many variations have been to its length. Some of the modern variations of pixie haircuts are mentioned here.

Messy Pixie haircut: It is the popular haircut among teenage girls who like bed head looks. This haircut requires many layers for additional movement of hair. A razor can also be used to define the ends of straight hair. Curly and wavy hair must also be cut with a razor to add texture to them.

How to style messy pixie haircut?
You can also use molding creams to style the messy pixie haircut. It will keep the hair in place throughout the day.

Pixie tail haircut: It is the modern version of pixie haircut. This style can host long tail at the back. Basically, it is an inspirational look of emo style. The ends are edgy and the length of hair is short. Bangs and bold hair color can make this haircut more interesting.

Blunt pixie haircut: This type of pixie haircut is useful in enhancing soft features of face. If you have soft features then a blunt pixie cut with straight bangs can give you drastic looks. This haircut is the best choice for wavy hair because it can add texture at the crown area. A flat iron can smooth out the hair to add extra shine to hair.

Why you should get pixie haircut?
A pixie haircut has been popular among women since many years. Most of them like to wear pixie haircut due to the short length while others want to wear a playful and flirty haircut. Teenage girls love wearing it due to its carefree and soft shape.

pixie hair cuts hair cuts pixie

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