Trendy Haircuts

Teenagers want trendy haircuts to look fashionable. Many of them are wearing crazy haircuts of 80s and 70s while others are wearing asymmetric and emo haircuts. They must talk to hair stylist before getting any trendy haircuts. Let’s have a look at some popular haircuts that are liked by teenagers.

trendy haircuts

Haircuts for girls

Bob haircut
These haircuts were initially sported by celebrities of 1920s. It is a classic haircut that looks chic and trendy for this year. Hairstylist can give you bob cut at chin length. But make sure that you get this haircut with layers. You can decide to wear bangs with this haircut.

Choppy bangs: These types of bangs are suitable for bob cut for straight hair types. Edges are also added to the ends of hair along with side swept bangs. These bangs are worn with shoulder length hair. The hair must be parted on the side. The choppy bob can be styled by applying gel to the crown area.

Long haircut
Long haircuts are parted in the middle. Many celebrities have worn long hairstyles with center parting. Ask your hair stylist to add layers to your long haircut. The combination of short and long layers will make the hairstyle appealing. You can add volume to hair by brushing the dry hair by turning the head upside down. 

Side swept bangs: These bangs frame the face and add a new glow to face. This style of bangs looks flattering on all face shapes.

Twists: Long haircuts are styled with twists and secured with bobby pins. You get the freedom to style your long hair in different ways. A simple hairstyle with long hair is created by pulling the hair back into a ponytail. A curling iron can be used to get romantic and sexy looks for long haircut. Similarly, a flat iron can be used to wear sleek hairstyle.

Trendy styles for boys

1.    Shaggy haircut: This haircut has been trendy among boys. They can grow the hair at ears and ask the hair stylist to get a shag haircut. The top hair is long and sides are short. They can style shaggy haircut by washing and blow drying. This haircut needs trimming after 4-5 weeks.

2.    Spikes: Spikes can be created with shaggy haircut. The long hair can be pulled up and styled into spikes.

3.    Faux hawk: This haircut is created by pushing the hair in the middle to get the look of Mohawk.

4.    Long hair: Boys can wear long haircuts in different styles. Some of the long hairstyles can be created with braids and corn rows.

5.    Short haircuts: Boys have a wide choice of short haircuts. They can wear military cut, crew cut and buzz cut. The short haircuts are styled by combing the hair.

haircuts trendy

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