Creative haircut trends 2016

Creative haircut trends 2016 brings you a range of unique, immaculately crafted hairstyles that would absolutely boost your appearance and help you make a strong fashion statement. These trending hairstyle ideas have been observed on the ramp and the red carpet and are all set to take 2016 by storm. So, here’s our collection of creative haircut trends 2016 for you:

The Swag

The swag haircut boasts unique elements, most popularly the layers that feature a variety of lengths. It features layers that are quilled at the pinnacle and at the sides. These elements work together to give your haircut a fuller and rounder appearance at the top and the ends.

This haircut basically went into trend in the 70s, and in 2016 it has made a huge comeback. Moreover, it was among the hottest trends in the 90s and 2000s. We have seen popular celebrities like Jennifer Aniston and Meg Ryan wear this hairstyle. What makes this hairstyle even trendier is the sex appeal it gives to the wearer.

The blunt bob

The blunt bob boasts layers that are normally shorter and swept to the sides. You can get this style with ease and there are numerous ways tow ear it. You can introduce your own ideas to this hairstyle, so it can be more fitting to your needs and requirements.

However, it can look perfect when you get a partition on this haircut that is a little bit to the off-mid point. You will appear sexy, hot, elegant and graceful in this hairstyle. This hairstyle is a great option or you if you are young and have special love for short layers that are easy to achieve.


The fringes bring you the bangs with a bang in a variety of styles over the New Year. We have seen popular stars putting up this hairstyle and appearing elegant and graceful, especially with the sharp, complete edition.

You can shape this hairstyle in different ways, and it can fit any face structure and hair type with ease. Remember, Kate Middleton has already been spotted wearing this hairstyle for some special occasions.

The hyper pixie
Even though the blunt cut can be scary to even think about, but when it comes to hyper pixie, the hairstyle offers you a range of advantages. The good news is that this hairstyle is easy to achieve and effortless to maintain. Remember, this hairstyle has been gaining momentum year after year and in 2016 it is all in with all vigor and strength.

This is why we recommend you to give it a shot. Even better, you can make it multipurpose without having the need to maintain the long layers. When you combine a pixie haircut with short bangs, the top of your head would become beautiful and complimentary.

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