Bob Hairstyles

Bob hairstyles never go out of style in any era. Every now and then we see celebrities chopping off their long locks to chin-length bobs, demi-bobs and even longer bobs. Bob haircuts came into being during World War I when the women joined forces and they had no time for lengthy curling and straightening processes.

Sometimes women think if it would be a nice thing for them to wear a bob. Expert opinion says that if you have a nice jaw line and a long neck, bob hairstyles are good to go for you. You can try bobs with both thin and medium textured hair. Bob haircuts don't go well with curly hair as it gives more of a triangle on your face. Graduated bob is one option you can choose and tell your stylist to cut your hair shorter at the back and longer in the front with a lot of stacked layers.

Bob hairstyles can give you a new look every time as they come with many variations.

Bob Hairstyles with Fringe

A fringe has an associated bold and full of attitude factor attached to it, so why not try it with a fabulously done bob hairstyle. The added fringe will help in highlighting eyes and enhancing the features you want to. A bob with a fringe will also give you an instant young look. They even hide the fine lines that age adds to your forehead. Fringes makes the nose area more pronounced so if you have a slightly longer nose, try avoiding fringes.

Bob Hairstyles for Short Hair

If you want to make a bold statement with your short hair, try a new bob hairstyle that suits your face shape. Don't try a bob with chemically straightened hair because managing it would become a nightmare. A shorter bob hairstyle looks great on an oblong face and sharp features as all the beauty elements are clearly visible.

Bob Hairstyles for Chin Length

If you have a beautiful chin, the best way to show it off is with a bob that reaches your chin. Wide fringes on chin length bobs are the latest trend of the year which provides you with a chic and classy style. An enhancing addition to the bob is to add block colors to your hair to give it shine, definition and customized angles of style.

Bob Hairstyles for Wavy Hair

Though bob hairstyles usually don't work well with wavy hair, if the right tendencies of the hair is worked with, bobs can work wonders for you. With wavy hair, you can wear a shoulder-skimming bob like Jessica Alba. You are lucky if you have a long neck to carry this hairstyle on, otherwise the look will not be the same as you visualized. Just keep in mind that bobs are high maintenance hairdos and you will require frequent trips to the hairdresser.

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