Angled Bob Hairstyles

Angled bob hairstyles are stylish and often difficult to create. But after a little practice you can easily create it at your own. Initially you need the help of a professional to get angled bob cut. Angled bob hairstyles have large hair on the top and front and shorter hair at the back. You can get help how to get angled bob from below mentioned steps.

angled bob hairstyles bob angled hairstyles

Step 1: Wash your hair
Start with washing your hair with a shampoo and condition them. It will moisturize the hair as well as remove all dirt.

Step 2: Make sections
Divide your hair into seven sections. These sections must be made right and left side, top and back and both sides of crown area. You can use hair clips to hold the sections separately. You should leave quarter inch hair section along the perimeter at the back.

Step 3: Getting the cut at front
Now comb your front hair and choose the length. Angle bob require longhair at front. Therefore, the front hair must reach your chin. Cut the front sections at chin length.

Step 4: Getting the cut at back
Comb the back hair leaving quarter inch hair section. Separate the side hair and get the back hair cut. The back hair must be kept horizontal.

Step 5: Getting the cut on sides and crown
You can cut the hair at right and left side following the same technique. You can move form back to front and start cutting the sides. You must ensure the back hair is tapered while the front hair is longer.

Step 6: Dry the hair
After getting eth haircut dry your hair. You can wear it straight or curled.

Styling options of angled bob
Once you get the haircut you can wear angled bib with many different styles.

1.    Fringes: Fringes will make the angled bob look edgy and sharp. You can keep the fringes on the side of your forehead. The ends of fringes must be cut uneven with a razor to get perfect choppy look. You can style the fringes after applying pomade to ends of hair.

2.    Bangs: Angled bob looks incomplete without bangs. There are different styles of bangs that can complement your angled bob. You can opt for short and blunt bangs to get stylish looks. You can also get longer and thin bangs to cover the forehead. Styling bangs with angled bib is quite easy. You can part the hair and sweep the bangs on the side. Clips can be used to decorate the bangs for funky look.

3.    Layers: If you have thin hair then you must ask for layers to make your hair look thick and voluminous. You can get a combination of short and long layers. Style the layers by teasing the hair at the crown.

angled bob hair styles

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