Bob Cut Hairstyles

Bob cut hairstyles are popular since 1920s. It can be modified according to the face shape and hair type. The classic bob cut was cut at one length and usually reached at chin. But the modern bob cuts are uneven in length and can be styled with bangs and blunt ends. Today one can get bob hairstyles for short, medium and long hair.

bob cut hairstyles hairstyles bob cut

How to get bob cut?
The classic bob cut is sleek and straight and cut at jawline. It can be cut for women of all ages. You can get the bob cut with a steady hand using these directions.

Step 1: Get prepared for the haircut
The first step requires you to prepare for the haircut. Use a spray bottle to wet your hair. Comb the hair to remove tangles. You can add water if any section is dry.

Step 2: Making sections
Divide your hair into four equal sections. The sections must be created after parting the hair in the middle. One part must run from front to the back and the second one must run from one ear to another. Use hair clips to keep the sections separated.

Step 3: part one inch hair section
At the bottom in such a way that horizontal section at the nape of neck is left loose.  The remaining hair must be pinned at back.

Step 4: Cutting the back hair
You should keep the chin in such a position that it is resting on the chest. You need to cut the hair that is loose at the nape section.

Step 5: Cut both sections
You need to start with one section at a time by pulling it down. Cut the hair evenly with the previous section. Repeat the procedure until the back sections are cut evenly.

Step 6: Cutting section above ears
Again position your head in such a way that eyes look straight. Pull one inch horizontal section above the ear and cut it with previous back section. Repeat the same procedure for section at other ear.

Step 7: Check evenness of hair
You must ensure that hair is cut evenly.

How to style bob cut?
You can style your bob cut with these instructions.

1.    Wash your hair with shampoo and condition them. Dry the hair with towel.

2.    Apply styling cream in order to get fullness for bob cut otherwise apply soothing serum for sleek hairstyle.

    Take a blow dryer and a large round brush. Use it to add volume and fullness for hairstyle.

  Get a tousled hairstyle by applying styling gel or mousse. Scrunch the hair after even application of styling products. Continue scrunching will give you natural waves.

5.    Mist the hair with a hairspray and apply shine serum for shiny hair.

bob cut hair styles hair styles bob cut

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