Bob Hairstyles for Fine Hair

The classic bob hairstyle has been a popular choice of women due to the simplicity of styling. It is one of the haircuts that can add a new life to dull and fine hair. One must choose the best bob hairstyles for fine hair that suits the facial structure. Almost all the bob hairstyles can suit all hair types and can be styled to get versatile looks. Those who have thin hair need to wear low maintenance bob cut at chin length. One should not forget about the facial structure when choosing the bob hairstyles for fine hair.

The facial shape plays an important role in complimenting a hairstyle. Let’s see how different styles of bob cut for fine hair can be worn for different face shapes.

Round face
A bob hairstyle that falls at jaw line is to be cut for round faces. This hairstyle will give the illusion of long face by focusing the eyes. Layers can be cut for fine hair to add fullness and volume to them. Women with round faces must choose hairstyle that reaches the chin or fall above the shoulders. There should no fringes cut for bob hairstyle for round faces.

Heart shaped face

Women who have heart shaped faces and thin hair must choose a bob hairstyle that fall at their chin. The layers can also be cut for bob hairstyle to increase the width at jaw line. Women who have thin hair need to add volume for hair. That’s why layers are always cut for this face shape with fringes. Bob hairstyle with side parting recommended for this face shape.

Square face

There are many women who have square face shapes and face the problem of thin hair. These women need to add height at the crown to balance the shape. Women must avoid wearing sleek bob hairstyles that fall at chin. These women can get layered hairstyle with wispy ends that are arranged around the face. Wispy fringes can also be worn. These women can ask for extra layers at crown in order to get volume and a balanced look for jawline.

Oval faces

This face shape is supposed to be the balanced face shape. There are many options of bob hairstyle for this face shape. Women with oval faces can wear any bob hairstyle with asymmetrical and uneven cuts.

Styling your fine hair
Whatever bob hairstyles you choose for your face shape it will component the facial features. Layers are added to almost all the bob hairstyle for thin or fine hair. Layers with bob cut add volume and give the illusion of thick hair. Some hairstyles require bangs while other doesn’t. The selection of bangs depends on the face shape.

bob hairstyles for fine hair

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The classic bob hairstyle has been a popular choice of women due to the simplicity of styling. It is
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