Hairstyles 2014

Hairstyles 2014

Whether you are updating your current short style or getting yourself short hair for the first time, you are sure to find a look you will adore by looking at fashion shows, internet and Hairstyles 2014 magazines for Women.

You can easily choose from different and cute pixie cuts, some daring close cropped haircuts, edgy bobs and romantic short curls for reinventing yourself. With so many stylesto choose from, in different styles and gorgeous colors, you are guaranteed to find some perfect hairstyle for starting 2014 off with a big bang.

Anne Hathaway’s hairstyles are usually platinum blonde pixie crop with some soft side-swept bangs. Since parting with long locks for her movie Les Miserables,

Anne Hathaway has embraced short hair and briefly rocked witha platinum blonde pixie cut. She has gone back to brunette, but we think she looks very gorgeous as a blonde.

If you are brave enough to cut your hair short and try some drastic hair color change then find a hair dresser you trust and go for this style in 2014.This style will no doubt rock Hairstyles 2014.

Hairstyles 2014 Hairstyles 2014 

Emma Watson’ssleek faux bob with some side parting is also a hot style among styles for 2014.Gone are her days of Harry Potter and her wild head full of frizzy curls. Now actress Emma Watson is grown up, and looks stunning with her polished bob.

Hairstyles 2014 

This faux bob is achieved by tucking some long hair underneath itself to appear short. This style is Understated and flattering. This style is easily manageable with supply of some smoothing anti-frizz serum available.

Rita Ora’s blunt bob with some long side-swept fringe is also in the list of Hairstyles 2014. This British singer Rita Ora sports blunt bob that usually frames her face beautifully. This simple, elegant and classic hairstyle keeps hair in same length, and it can also be tweaked to suit any face shape. However this sleek hairstyle usually tends to grow out quickly and you have to visit a salon every 4-6 weeks in order to keep your style in perfect shape.

Hairstyles 2014 Hairstyles 2014 

Another hairstyle that is going to be popular in the list of Hairstyles 2014 is Rihanna’s Close-cropped hair with some short soft waves. Hair chameleon named Rihanna seems to suit every style and hair color.  Over the years she has delighted her fans and paparazzi with her changing personal style. She carried her closely-cropped black hair with some short sides and subtle waves on the top. This hairstyle helps to open up her face and allow her stunning and natural beauty to shine through.

Once you have chosen your new dream hairdo, be sure to take few pictures along to your hairstylist. Take pictureof which hairstyles you like, and which you don’t like, this way youareless likely to be left in tears.

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