Bridesmaid hairstyles 2014

The best way to decide bridesmaid hairstyles 2014 are by discussing some hairstyle ideas with your hairstylist in the first place. They will be able to better recommend a style which would help in enhancing your look and thus suits your hair and your facial features. Plan ahead of time and get your hair done  before the wedding to see how you would look in the recommended style, how your hair will hold the style, so you can be  well prepared and make the necessary changes before time. For medium hair styling opportunities are immense, allowing you to be a bit more creative.

Bridesmaid hairstyles 2014 Bridesmaid hairstyles 2014

You can go for straight, wavy and curly bridesmaid hairstyles 2014. You can also go for a half up and half down hairdoor create some classic bun and loose updo style. Hair accessories can help to upgrade your hairstyle if you decide to wear your hair simple. Long styles are the most versatile styles, but they also require high maintenance.
For long bridesmaid styles you can choose many different styles depending on your preferences. It is recommended to wear simple and elegant styles like a classic ballerina bun and chignon style.

There is a lot of excitement involved in being a bridesmaid and so much money is spent. Fortunately, a lot of money can also be saved if the wedding party forgoes going to the salon in favor of some chic or DIY styles. For bridesmaids, this can be nerve-wracking experience. The easiest and most chic bridesmaid hairstyles 2014 are a chignon. It will keep your looks sophisticated and refined as well. Your hair will remain out of your face for the maid of honor speech.

Bridesmaid hairstyles 2014 Bridesmaid hairstyles 2014

Give hair some good blowout by using a frizz-taming cream to smooth your locks and keep flyaway hair at the bay. Style your hair into a side part. Leave some parts hanging in front around your face to work on later. Wrap hair in a low ponytail at the base of the neck and secure it.Twist ponytail all the way towards the end, then wrap hair around base of your ponytail, securing with some bobby pins as you go.

A bohemian-inspired natural look is favorite look in bridesmaid hairstyles 2014 trends.Perfect for your casual beach weddings as well as and more upscale affair. When your hair iswet, apply some Curling Cream which gives curls hold and shine without sticky feeling. Distribute throughout your hair. Use a diffuser, blow dry hair upside down for achieving some volume. When hair is dry, pull hair half up and then begin creating a loose French braid at the crown area. Keep the braid relaxed and then secure it with some clear elastic.Use a small-barrel curling iron to fix parts around the face.

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