Long Hairstyles

Long hairstyles are never out of vogue. You can keep them trendy by styling them in beach waves, pull them straight, tie them, and much more. Long hair gives you the freedom to work with bangs and layers to best suit your face shape and accentuate the areas you want to. You can achieve these long hairstyles by using the right product and have know-how about what you want before you get a cut from your stylist. Though perfectly styled long hair can look luscious while they flow down your back, make sure that you style them keeping in mind the level of maintenance.

Whether you keep your long hair up or down, tied or loose, straight or wavy, the possibilities are endless. We will help you with a variety of long hairstyles to suit your personality, face shape and the time you can spend on hair grooming.

Copper Couture

Color blocking is the latest trend for the year which you can flaunt with a heavy colored flashy fringe.

This looks great on a heart or diamond shaped face. Take a paddle brush and blow dry your hair till smooth. Lightly flat iron your hair and then put some mid-length waves with the help of a curling iron. Brush your hair to smooth out the waves and spray you hair with a shiner to get that perfect long hairstyle.

Beach waves

This long hairstyle gives your hair full spiral waves which are perfect to manage especially in hot summer days.

This hairstyle looks good on almost all face shapes. Apply mousse on your towel dry hair and leave to dampen. Scrunch your long hair into any shape and let your hair dry.

Side Pony Style

This long hairstyle allows you to control your frizzy hair with the help of a trendy ponytail.

To achieve this style blow dry your hair with a round brush and smoothen it. Taka large vertical sections of hair and curl them by wrapping around the curling iron. Let the hair cool and then form a nice low ponytail.

Blonde Fever

This long hairstyle supports a bed head look with parting and a nice braided touch.

If you have a round or heart faced shape, this style will look great on you. Take a blow dryer and dry your hair with your fingers. Apply a paste that adds texture to your damp hair. On the fringe area, add a small braid to get the look you desire with your long beautiful hair.

Cinnamon Swirl

This long hairstyle gives you lose yet delicate waves which are enhanced with merging hair shades.

If you have a diamond or heart faced shape and long shiny hair, this style will give you a cute yet hot look. You hair texture can be thin or thick. With an extra large barrel iron, wind your hair from mid lengths till the ends. Let your hair cool and then brush out the curls to give your face a softer look.

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