Long Choppy Hairstyles

Like other hairstyles long choppy hairstyles have options for styling. You can get jagged and uneven layers to wear various choppy hairstyles. Before beginning to know about long choppy hairstyles let’s have a look at various types of choppy haircuts.

long choppy hairstyles choppy long hairstyles

Choppy haircuts
You can wear different types of choppy haircuts for your long hair. These choppy haircuts can be cut for both men and women. The hair stylist knows the art to give you choppy haircut. He/she know how much hair is to be cut. You can style the choppy haircut in different ways.

1.    Indie haircut: This haircut is popular among women and men who want to express their freedom. It is also called rocker haircut. Young girls and boys used to wear this haircut. An indie shaggy haircut features long bangs and long hair at the back. The middle hair is cut short into different lengths. Texture is added to haircut with a razor. Women prefer getting wispy fringes. You can use styling gel to define the hairstyle.

2.    Bob haircut: The choppy bob is one of the popular choppy haircuts. Many girls prefer wearing choppy long bob instead of getting asymmetrical bob. These girls also get bangs with choppy bob. This haircut features one length hair with blunt and choppy edges. Layers must be avoided for this haircut as they can ruin the look.  Various highlights can work wonder for choppy bob.

3.    Choppy layers: This haircut should not be cut at home.  It features short or long bangs with long layers. This haircut is suitable for straight as well as curly hair. Thee layers can be cut in such that they frame the face.

Color for choppy haircut
After getting a choppy haircut you get new color for hair. You must choose highlights for your natural hair color. You can choose lighter shade if you want to make the hairstyle more attractive. If you want bold looks then experiment with different colors. For example, you can wear blonde highlights with your black hair and vice versa.
When you are getting highlights for choppy haircut you can add color directly to the interior cut. It will make the hairstyle more attractive.

Hairstyles for choppy hair

Sleek hairstyle: This hairstyle can be created with styling tool or using blow dryer with a round large brush.

How to get the look?

1.    When you are getting the look without a straightening iron, you must blow dry the hair while using a round brush. The hair must be pulled down and bring them towards the face.

2.    Use styling gel or wax to define the sharp edges of hair.

Updo hairstyle: French twist is the best updo hairstyle for choppy long hair. You can also make chignons and buns for these haircuts.

long choppy hair styles choppy long hair styles

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