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Medium hairstyles give you the best of the both worlds especially when you can't decide between long or short. Medium length hairstyles are easy to carry and extremely versatile. By experimenting with your medium hair you can give varied dimensions to you personality. You can adopt striking transformations varying from traditional bob hairstyles, edgy looks and shaggy corps.


Many celebs are rocking their medium length hair with the most hottest and stylish hairdos which are easy to care for. They are sporting their haircuts with the most appropriate shapes and silhouette which are adding further enhancement and refinement to their beautiful features.


If you have medium hair and are thinking of what hairstyles to try, here is a guide of what you should be carrying on your shoulders this time.


Shoulder Length Shag with Bangs


It's a medium length hairstyle with a lot of layers and soft, short and side swept bangs.


If you have an oval or round face, this hairstyle will work great on your medium hair. The bangs help shorten the overall length of your face and the layers enhance the structure depending on where you keep them. Apply a styling lotion or spray and blow dry you hair with the help of your fingertips. When the moisture dries up, use a blow dryer to smooth your hair. You can also use a large round brush and later add some hairspray to retain the texture.


Medium Length Layered Geo Bob


It's a medium length hairstyle with long layered round bob and a heavy side swept fringe.


This cut works with almost all face types. If you have fine or medium hair or have straight to wavy hair, you can opt for this hairstyle. Apply a styling lotion or spray and blow dry you hair with the help of your fingertips. When you hair is dry , smooth your hair with a blow dryer while styling your hair with a round brush. Now apply hairspray to add texture and hold for some time.


Curly A-Line Shag


It's a medium length hairstyle with a shag that reaches up to the shoulder. This is further stylized by adding long swept away fringes. This hairstyle is great for a square or a heart shaped face. Towel-dry your hair and apply a styling creme from roots to the tips. Either diffuse the hair or dry it but leave it damp for as long as you can. To add fringes or bangs to your hair, use a blow dryer and a flat iron if required.


Blunt Shag with Peek a Boo Bangs


It's a medium length hairstyle with a very basic shoulder length cut and blunt fringes and bangs that are side swept. If you have an oval or round shape, apply a styling lotion and blow dry your hair. Style with a large round brush and add texture by holding and applying a good hairspray. You medium hair will look classy when dry.

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