Medium Length Haircuts

Girls who have medium hair have many choice of styling. The most recent trend of getting medium length haircuts is to get edgy hairstyles. These edgy medium hairstyles suit all personalities. If you have medium haircut and want to add a new look the best way is to get bangs or fringes. Bangs are said to transform the looks of those having medium length hair. Some of the most popular edgy hairstyles for medium hair are mentioned below.

medium length haircuts haircuts medium length

Layered haircut
A layered haircut works best for medium and long hair because it can style all hair types and face shape.

Some of the recommendations and benefits of wearing layered haircuts for medium hair are listed here.

1.    Layered haircut can focus strong facial features and hides any flaws of face.

2.    Layers for thick hair can help in reducing extra weight from all over the head so that one can manage her hair easily.

3.    The layers can be cut into different lengths to enhance the hairstyle.

4.    Feathered layers will focus the face and improve the shape.

5.    Layers can be worn for straight and curly hair.

Bob cut
Bob cut is the most popular choice of girls having medium hair. It is not necessary to trim the bob cut because grown out bob is also a trendy hairstyle. This grown out bob style is known to be contemporary bob.

Recommendations for bob cut

1.    Simply wash and blow dry the bob style for a perfect hairstyle.

2.    Colors can be added to brighten the hairstyle.

3.    It is not necessary to color all the hair as ends of hair can be colored for a funky look. This trend is popular among teenage girls who want to wear creative hairstyles.

4.    Curling iron can be used to create large curls for formal hairstyle.

Emo cut
This is the most creative and funkiest style that is immensely popular in young girls and boys. The emo cut is done with a razor to get sharp and blunt edges. New and bright colors are added to grab the attention of others.

Recommendations for emo hairstyle

1.    Get bangs varying lengths to get the perfect emo look.

2.    Use bright colors for bangs.

3.     Layers can also be added and teased for a funky look.

Messy hairstyles
Messy hairstyles are worn casually as they are comfortable and easy to style. The best way is to get a medium haircut with razor. It will not only add texture to hair but also gives an edgy look.

Recommendation for messy hairstyle

1.    Get bangs so that these hairstyles can be worn at formal events.

2.    Apply styling gel or wax to hair to create a bedhead or messy look.

3.    Don’t forget to use hairspray for final touch.

medium length hair cuts hair cuts medium length

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