Modish part of China

Zena Hao is 24 years old publicist and she is very keen to follow latest trends in fashion and she is proud owner of four Prada handbags. Now she has a new passion of fashion magazines as she wants to know more about modish part of China. She brings home many copies of Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue just to study the photos for her inspiration. When she was asked about her new passion, she replied that before university, she did not spend time in watching and studying photos in fashion magazines because they were not so good but now from last three years, we can see development in this field as these photos are becoming much better than before showing modish part of China.


Ms. Hao’s thrill for fashion magazines along with advertisements for Louis Vuitton handbags and Chanel lipsticks are great source of revenue for magazine publishers in New York. Different big fashion brands are spending more money for publishing their products in different fashion magazines in United States and now they are investing in mainland China for their publicity just to inspire from modish part of China. Publishers of different magazines are willing to contend with censorships, relationships with low business partners and low level corruption which is common in many businesses of China is rewarded so far.


Last year the editors of Cosmopolitan in China started to publish their two editions in a month because of heavy issues which are to be covered and it became difficult for them to do so in a single publication. Similarly Elle has started publication twice a month because issues are grown for more than 700 pages. Vogue is very famous magazine and it added four issues so that it can keep up with advertising demands. Hearst is designing plastic and cloths bags for the convenience of women so that women can easily carry these magazines to their homes.

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