Multidimensional artist hits London Fashion Week

Madonna’s brother Christopher Ciccone hits the London Fashion Week with his stylish foot wear collection. He is a multidimensional artist and this multidimensional artist hits the London Fashion Week. The pop star’s wonderful and glamorous collection of dance inspired footwear recently launched in the UK under her Truth and Dare label. This collection features towering talons and embellishments pumps.


This multidimensional artist hits the London Fashion Week and the collection of Christopher is described as Fashionable yet functional. Christopher is an artist and furniture designer but he is very famous for his collaborations with his sister as a creative director on her tours and music videos. He can be called as multidimensional artist because of his versatile works and this multidimensional artist hits the London Fashion Week for his footwear collection and now a Czechoslovakian shoe company Novesta approached him last year about the line.


Christopher’s collection provides styles for men, women and children and his collection combines leather, canvas and rubber. It is also inspired by old Hollywood imagery and it has names like Sofia, Eva and Brigitte. According to a press release on July 19, Ciccone will be hosting modified installations in London, Paris, Prague, Toronto, New York, Miami and Los Angelus to launch his brand. He is working to expand his brand and there are plans to develop collection in to a global lifestyle brand and its first flagship store will be opened in early winter. Christopher presented his stylish footwear collection in London Fashion Week and he hits through his collection. There are reports that Madonna Material Girl clothing line is expanding from US in to European retailers this September. This line is designed by songstress in collaboration with her teenage daughter Lourdes.


Stylish shoe collection of Christopher is very popular and it is regarded as fashionable and functional at the same time. He has designed this collection after getting inspiration from old Hollywood images and metaphors.

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