Real people are promoted than professional models

Real people are promoted than professional models in ads of many famous fashion brands and it seems that now time of popularity of supermodels is coming to end and all this is because Lanvin has done an experiment of casting real people in its ads and if the response given to this effort will be wonderful than supermodels will rarely seen in ads.


French fashion house, Lanvin has got inspired by street styles blogs and for this reason real people are promoted than professional models and Lanvin has featured real people in series of its advertisements rather than models wearing its autumn/winter collection. Former models working in ads of Lanvin like Aymeline Valade and Marte Mei van Haaster have been replaced by the cast of non professionals and main aim of this act is to confirm that real people are promoted than professional models. People working in ads of Lanvin include a waiter, a retired dancer, a milliner, a blogger and a philanthropist. The ages of these women are in between 16 years to 82 years.


Creative director of Lanvin, Alber Elbaz described this campaign as an effort to bring back the cloths to street somehow. He said that it felt like a crazy family and he likes that. This effort of Lanvin was judged by online response and in online response many others liked it too. Many famous personalities like photographer Amanda de Cadenet, Italian Vogue editor, Franca Sozzani and online fashion store Styloko, all gave vote in the favor of this change. Melanie Ricky who is Fashion-editor-at-large-blogger and editor at large at Grazia said that models are blank canvas and you have to put a picture on it but you can know many more through real people as you would sit with them as a party. This approach of casting real people instead of professional models has increased due to growing influence of blogs documenting street style.

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