Say no to racism

Doreen Lawrence is mother of murdered Stephen Lawrence and she has teamed up with Sunderland businessmen just to raise awareness about legacy of her son. Her son was murdered nearly 19 years ago for the racism. Steven France and Dale Percival who run Made for the Cage Promotions are organizing a fashion show just to say no to racism and to aid Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust.


Stephen’s mother Doreen will also speak at the event to spread the message of say no to racism. Steven runs classes at Elite boxing in Southwick and Dungeon in Castle town and he said that Stephen Lawrence case is most motivated case of racism which he ever heard and during the trial of this case he wore T-shirt have image of Stephen with the motto “Justice” written on it. He said that when children of his classes asked him about the image and motto on his T-shirt then it became a big platform to talk to the kids about the case and educate them.


Steven also helps group of young fashion designers who will make same T-shirts. These designers will work under the umbrella brand of Machine Lad. Instead of getting benefit from those shirts, they have decided to host a fashion show just to spread the message of say no to racism. Steven added that he used to play football for the Barbados and he has strong links to the game and he will use these links for the show. He said that Doreen who is mother of Stephen has been never to North East before and it will be an honor for them to have her at the event and speak there. Steven said that Doreen is real and great inspiration for him because she fought for justice for 18 years and it is a very long struggle.


Chief executive of the show said that Doreen is real inspiration for them. He said that he is grateful for the businessmen who have come to organize this show just to say bye bye to racism.

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