Stylish look of young stars

Stylish look of new stars can be seen in Teen Choice Awards. The bright pink red carpet of Teen Choice awards was full of stylish look of new stars and they were unafraid to break the rules in equally colorful styles. Co-host of Teen Choice, Demi Lovato wore a flashy yellow and silver mini dress having sequins with long feathers to the ceremony held on Sunday. Lovato said while smiling about her dress color and style that she had chosen that color because she really wanted to rock on the day and made people wow when she stepped out on red carpet. And she really did not know that host has to wear something special but it is Teen Choice Awards so they are enjoying and you can see stylish look of new stars.


New pop star Carly Rae Jepsen got a very beautiful dress as she was dressed in beige blazer paired with matching miniskirt and dark green printed palm trees with a black clutch and chunky black Aldo platforms. She replied about her dressing that she had dresses for Teen Choice Awards. The youngest Kardashian sisters also took part in this fashion show two Kardashian sisters, Kendal and Kylie Jenner had worn dark dresses. These two sisters said about their dress color that they want to look different from others. Kylie said that she wanted to wear dark dress and then Kendal coordinated with her.


Nina Dobrev of “Vampire Diaries” wore strapless and teal dress of J. Mendal with gold heels having straps and she got a soft Grecian braid hairstyle. She said about her dressing that Teen Choice Awards is all about having fun and looking young. She added that we want to play around and feel liberated. The rising stars attending red carpet of Teen Choice Awards were dressed in bright and different colored dresses.

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