Skin Care Tips

To keep your face looking as youthful as possible. First of all you need to proper cleansing on your face on daily basis. Today I am going to give you very effective skin care tips Cleansing is most essential part for maintaining clear complexion. Avoided so many harsh and gritty sorts of scrubs they just destroy smoothness if you are willing durability of skin's softness so there are many gentle and dermatologist recommended cleansers on the market. Beside it sun exposure can help the skin providing doses of vitamin D3. But few of things give benefit temporary but definitely it will workout for plugging the pores. You should especially use an SPF 15 or 30 sun screen when outside either you have a clear skin.

A night sleep should 7-8 hours. If you do not take proper rest at the time so your skin will appear pare and dull. Exercise is a great way to increase blood flow through the body, increase vitamins in your diet. Tensions and stress just keep you mess-up. Tensions lead your adrenal glands to flood the bloodstream. Take time out any part of day sit and relax your self a while. Beside them few of home remedies are over here which will definitely work out for glowing and clear skin one of them which is most important that is keep cleansing for clear and bright complexion, moisturizing for hydration, smoothness and protection from sun-rays and toning to your skin for oil control and refreshing look.

Here is mask for the lightning skin of an egg & 1 lemon juice 1 table spoon honey beat the eggs whites, honey and lime juice apply it on face and wash it after 15 minutes. For dry skin mix equal amount of lemon juice and honey OR cucumber juice apply it on face and body wash it after 15 minutes. Oily skin needs cucumber pulp and yogurt's fine pastes wash it after 20 minutes. When it dries make a paste of papaya, honey and milk keep apply it for few minutes. Let it dry then wash off. Dark feet and ankles deep your feet's in water mixed lemon juice. Dark elbows can be treated by rub potato or lemon juice for 15 minutes and wash off with water. Dark hands also an issue among us so mix sun-flower oil, lemon juice and sugar. Apply for 20 minutes and just wash it. For dark neck a lemon juice, a cucumber juice and 1/8 tablespoon of turmeric powder apply 20 minutes.

For dark lips mixes few drops of Vaseline and lemon juice apply on lips at night wash them in morning. Hope you guys enjoyed these tips and will feel more glad after its refreshing glowing and fantastic results.

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